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The acceleration of digital transformation with the ever growing usage of SaaS applications across all departments justify the need for a governance platform such as Beamy. We are specifically intended for large organizations which are the most affected by this challenge.
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A strong ROI made up of three components

Improvement of
compliance and security

Gain exhaustive and detailed knowledge of all SaaS software in use to dramatically reduce risk, despite the rapid growth and high turnover of SaaS applications.

Optimization of
technology costs

Never-ending increasing costs spread across all department budgets which are dedicated to SaaS applications. Beamy enables you to optimize the utilization of these softwares and to identify functional duplicates.

Efficiency and productivity between the various stakeholders

Benefit from a strengthened and streamlined governance between the various stakeholders of your SaaS ecosystem: central management (CIO, DPO, Buyer, CDO), software administrators and the software publishers themselves.

Our customers