Visualize all your retail technology solutions on one interface

Beamy enables you to map all your solutions and gain critical visibility and control over your technology environment.

We have developed mapping tools enabling us to scan your complete technology environment and provide you with an exhaustive mapping covering all your technology solutions (even the Shadow IT!).


Optimize your technology environment

At Beamy we believe in the extraordinary opportunity that technology solutions represent for retailers.

To help you get the most out of this opportunity we have developed algorithms to analyse your retail technology environment through segmented data matching business needs with technology solutions.

As a result, you can quickly identify duplicates, synergies and deficiencies in your technology environment.

Discover new solutions with Beamy

Your business is dynamic and constantly changing as are your technology needs.

Beamy’s segmented retail technology solutions directory allows you to complete your current environment with new relevant for you solutions.

What is more, whenever you are considering adding a new solution you can now test its compatibility with your current environment.


Monitor the utilisation and business performance of your solutions

The different technologies that you deploy across you business cost you millions of Euros every year.

Are these solutions being used by your teams? Are they having the ROI that you expect from them? Are they still relevant for your business one or two years down the road?

The answers to all these questions are now available for you on Beamy’s platform, where you can monitor the KPIs of all your solutions and can quickly identify under-used, under-performing and abandoned solutions.

Centralize and secure access to all your technology solutions

Do you know which of your employees has access to the 50 or 100 different SaaS solutions implemented across your business today, solutions that often have sensitive data transiting through them?

How about the employees that have left the company – are you sure that someone has deactivated their access to these solutions?

Beamy protects your company’s data by enabling you to control and secure the user access to your different solutions in a centralized manner.


Organize and automate your IT workflow

Retailers are now using more than 50 different technology solutions and this number is constantly increasing and will reach more than 200 solutions in 5 years. This makes manual solutions management impossible!

With Beamy’s interface you can now streamline employee on-boarding and off-boarding and facilitate the day-to-day management of all your retail technology solutions.

Managing and using a multitude of solutions has never been easier!


Beamy helps you as of now to optimize by 10 to +20%
your annual technology solutions budget

Start unifying your technology environment